We Empower Small Businesses to BE BIG Online!
Our Smart Directory Network is far-reaching and enables our clients to stand out from the crowd.
We Leverage Technologies to Create New Connections
Our media properties consist of free, user-generated directories and real time maps of global communities - Platforms to provide information and enable new connections.
Stop Worrying About Your Website! We’ll make it right
Don’t rely on developers who don’t speak your language. We take care of creation, hosting, security, backup and updates so you can focus on your business
We Help our Clients Design their Careers, Businesses & Financial Lives with Intention
We provide career mentoring, business coaching, and financial literacy education to achieve a wealthy life.

Our Media Properties

Canadian Health Professionals leverage HealthLocal to significantly increase their online presence. With over 95,000 Health Professionals listed and 1.5M+ Canadian visitors each year, HealthLocal.ca is the leading online platform connecting Canadians to their local Health Professionals.

VetLocal is a global online community of over 20,000 Animal Hospitals and Veterinarian Clinics. VetLocal establishes a significant world-wide online presence enabling pet owners to find a veterinarian. We provide turn-key services to increase the online footprint of our Veterinary clients. 

WeddingLocal is  Canada’s Directory of Wedding Service Professionals. With over 20,000 listings, Canadians use WeddingLocal to find the right services for their special day. We offer a cost-effective, technology-free solution so wedding professionals can easily establish a significant web presence. 

ChoralNation is an online community for choirs, choristers and choral music lovers. Our Mission is to Empower the Choral Community to Connect with Each Other and to Reach New Audiences.

Fintelligence offers coaching and seminars on Career, Business & Financial Literacy. We exist to empower Canadian youth with career mentoring, business coaching, and financial literacy education to achieve a wealthy life.

We Provide Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Client Focused

We exist to add value to our customers. 

Outcome Driven

We design our services and products to achieve real & tangible outcomes.

People Powered

Our diverse workforce understand that our clients are real people, too. 

Our Team

Gary is the founder of our company. He loves working with our clients to help them achieve business, career and financial success.


Tree is usually our first point of contact with customers. She is passionate about helping business professionals win in the online race..


Ben leads our team’s technology development effort. He can often be found not sleeping and immersed in code.


Mitch leads our social media marketing, writing and design effort by day. She is a book lover by night and an artist at heart.